My Latin Escort-turned-Girlfriend: The Legend of Latin Lover Escorts

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My girlfriend’s name is Tanya. I was going 30 when I met her; I was so desperate for a lover then, because I was turning 30′s at that time. I even thought of marrying some random Latina Female Escort just to have someone. Though I already had a good source of living, there was something missing in my life –that is the woman I want to be with forever.

All my friends are either married or in a relationship at that time. Whenever I am in boys’ night out with them, our topics were mostly about the girls of their life. And of course, I don’t have an y story to tell about a girl in my life because there was no girl in my life.

One of my friends is going to get married and that time I didn’t want to go because I will only be envious of that guy. He’s younger than me yet he’s going to be married first. Never! So, I didn’t go.

Being so concerned for me, the husband-to-be friend of mine introduced me to a Latina escort his fiance knows.

At first, I was hesitant to go with it because what on my mind was at that moment is an escort is only for money. Okay, call me judgmental, I just want to be as honest as I can. But my friends kept on pushing me to meet her. They told me to just try it, and then if it’s not okay with me, it’s okay with them, too. They’ll leave the decision to me.

They even told me that Latina escorts are so popular and they are great in bed. But I don’t care about how great they are in bed, so I just smiled and just said yes to stop them in convincing me.


My friends set us up on a meeting; they told me that it would be nice if we’ll meet on one of my apartments near the city. So, I said yes. I went there, prepared to meet this Latin escort. I felt a little nervous because it was a first time for me to meet such escort –I have never had an experience with an escort before.

30 minutes later, she came in and introduced herself. Her name is Tanya. She was stunning, I tell you. She had a bronze skin, a sexy body and a gorgeous smile. She was so polite that she greeted me before she came in to my house.

I didn’t know what to do –I was speechless at that time. This Latin companion was so beautiful; all I ever did to her was to offer her a cold glass of water.

She smiled at me stunningly and asked me to sit down and let her do the job. Hence, I sat down. She went to the kitchen, got some wine and went back to me and gave me my wine. She introduced herself to me, told me that she was an escort but it’s not all about sex and money for her. She wanted to make a person happy by making one person’s fantasies come to life.

I told her that I was not after the sex act either, that I was only forced by my friends to meet her. That was okay with her. We spent the night talking and talking about everything, from what I took up in college to why she entered  decided to become a Latin harlot.

We didn’t have sex that night, but we kissed did some things that are better off as private stuff!

That night wasn’t the only night I’ve been with Tanya, I met her almost every night. We eat out, watch movies together, and sometimes I bring her home and just stay there.

She was a family centered-lady; she grew up having her family the first thing that comes on the line. She said she is still living with her family and she will only leave them when she’s married.

Then we became together, I asked her to quit her job being an escort and find another job, since she finished a vocational course in college.


Unlike what most people think about them –that they only want handsome and rich guys, she is not, she even told me not to judge them as what most people do, and they are not like that. They are different.

Latinas are passionate yet undemanding. My girlfriend is loyal and would be there with me through whatever blessing or crisis we may have. She knows how to handle with a predicament and will not be crazy when things do not go according to the plan.

Latinas want men to be true, established, thoughtful and affectionate. They are ravenous for love and would like to provide love in return.



Latinas are passionate, they are expressive. Unlike other women who are gorgeous yet slutty, Latinas are gorgeous and they make a good wife. Their beauty is recognizable, very unique and sexy at the same time.

I was awestruck when I met Tanya, she is very stunning and it’s like a life would never be complete without her.


Latinas like to focus on positive things not the negative ones –they are optimistic. My girlfriend is, the moment I start giving up is the moment she starts being more supportive.

They also live life to the fullest and enjoy what they have. Family, to them,is very, very important, they want to make the people around them happy.

They care about their looks, because they want people to appreciate their beauty, but I prefer my Latina girlfriend to be as simple as she is, I’m not forcing her though.
Being one has its flaws, too but that’s life. They never liked being typecasted.


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If you are privileged you may be able to come across the woman you’ve been dreaming of and take pleasure in a lifetime of contentment with your Latin woman.


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